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Welcome, to Car Rental Kenya, where you will get all the information you will need to hire a car in Kenya and also the best rental car deals in the region.

Car Rental Kenya is a locally based car rental agency with main offices in Nairobi. We are offering all types of cars ranging from sadden vehicles, luxury vehicles, and large trucks, and for those going for a self-drive safari in Kenya we also have good and reliable 4×4 safari vehicles, and even we can offer camping equipment in case you going camping safari.

Are you looking for suitable rental cars in Kenya for your trip? We offer exclusive rental cars at affordable prices. With us, you get amazing offers for any type of vehicle you would want to hire in Kenya. Book your rental car and hotel conveniently through our online reservation today.

Kenya particularly and East Africa in general is best enjoyed with a rental car. You don’t want to miss out on some of the top sights, such as museums in Nairobi, Nairobi National Park, amazing beaches, and other amazing wildlife parks in the region. Don’t worry about missing any of your top destinations, because with a rental car, you are free to do what you want at your own pace.

We have a huge selection of pickup locations and a large fleet of rental cars, traveling is easy and convenient when you deal with Car Rental Kenta Ltd.
Kenya is blessed with a lot of wildlife in its many national parks and amazing culture that make it a popular African travel destination.

Kenya offers an amazing experience for any adventure lovers. We specialize in car rental at Kenya airports and other destinations in the country. Book your rental car with our price guarantee.

Luxury Car Rental in Kenya

Travel around Kenya in style by hiring luxury vehicles, we offer you the best choice of car brands from different. Click on the contact us button on the right corner of this page to reserve yourself and a reliable luxury vehicle to explore Kenya. With www.carrentalkenya.com you can get the best deal online in minutes, great deals and save money.