4×4 Toyota RAV4

Hire a 4×4 Rav4 in Kenya

The Toyota RAV4 serves as the perfect choice for self-drive safari in Kenya, offering the most budget-friendly 4×4 rental for safaris in Kenya. Available in both manual and automatic transmission, The Toyota Rav4 is cost-effective, ensuring optimal value for your money. Boasting a full-time 4×4 capability it has a low fuel consumption rate compared to other 4×4 models.

Ideal for 2 or 4 passengers on a self-drive safari, the Toyota RAV4 is designed to be versatile and efficient.

Experience the thrill of a self-drive safari in Kenya with Car Rental Kenya Ltd by renting the Toyota RAV4 for only $50 per day, with a minimum rental duration of 5 days. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of exploring the stunning landscapes of Kenya in a reliable and affordable vehicle.

Vehicle specifications

Transmission ——————————— 4-speed automatic
Drive Type———————————— Full time Four-wheel drive
Fuel type————————————— Petrol
Number of doors ——————————- 5 Doors
Number of seats ——————————- 4 Seater

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