Pop-up Roof Land Cruiser GX

Toyota Land Cruiser GX is available with pop up roof and also can be offred with Rooftop Tent and camping gear

Car Rental Kenta Ltd is perfectly located in Nairobi near Jomo Kenyatta International Airport making it the perfect company to deal with when planning to hire a car in Kenya. The Land Cruiser V8 and GX have a pop-up roof for excellent game viewing and photographing, available in both Manual and Automatic transmissions, Chauffeur-driven or self-drive. It takes up to 5 pax.

Hiring a 4x4 land cruiser GX with a pop-up roof is the ideal way to explore Kenya's national parks since the pop-up offer an amazing game-watching opportunity in the parks.

Explore this Kenya’s amazing culture, long history, fantastical landscapes, and amazing wildlife from behind the wheel of one of our reliable 4x4 Land Cruiser GX and allow the mood and drama of this country to unfold before you from the comfort of this strong machine.

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