Visit Uganda for your Honeymoon Trip

A safari like your forthcoming marriage is an adventure in life and one of the most perfect ways to celebrate your new adventure of marriage is by taking a honeymoon safari to Uganda. The country has a variety of destinations from which you can enjoy your honeymoon holiday.

Marriage is the same as a safari is a journey – actually, the word safari in the Swahili language means a journey – John Hemingway wrote in his book “African Journeys” – I accept there is no sickness of the heart too great it can’t be cured by a dose of Africa. The family must visit Uganda to learn why they belong together on this planet, lovers to plumb old yet untried wells of passion, youths to discover humility, those shopworn with life to discover a tonic for futility, honeymooners to seal their marriages with a shared feeling of bafflement, the old people to recognize asymmetry to twilight. I know this all sounds a bit much, yet in the event that I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa – Uganda.

Wake up to the great sounds of different birds, step out of your tent or luxury lodge to greet the African sunrise as you have a cup of espresso outside of your tent or lodge view elephants move as they graze, glide along the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi, stroll on a sandy beach on your private island on Lake Victoria. Sunrise and Sunsets, an African Thunderstorm – the night sounds of Africa around you, making a symphony of nature in the African Wild. Uganda is really the best honeymoon destination – a celebratory spot, ancient, alive, lively, unwinding, no other destination like this on the planet Earth.

We will do whatever we can to make that African honeymoon dream create it as well as add those touches to make it more unique and special with flowers in your tent or room, bottles of shimmering wine, your own private bush dinner, romantic breakfasts overlooking some of the most wonderful scenery in Uganda.

We balance the great Uganda adventure with privacy for you, times for romance and unwinding in a supper luxury style, and at the same time experience the African wilderness in Uganda with its Primates, for example, Mountain gorillas in Bwindi Forest and Mgahinga National Parks, chimpanzees in Kibale Forest and golden monkeys, Wildlife, for example, tree-climbing lions, elephant, leopards, hippos, exotic birds, crocodiles, giraffes, antelopes, all in settings and with scenery that is unfathomable until you arrive here in Uganda.

Celebrate your wedding, your Marriage in supernatural, attractive Uganda – the Pearl of Africa awaits you… from Kampala…