A Little Insight on Hiring a Car in Kenya

In many parts of Kenya, there is no public transport, making it almost impossible to get around without a car. For those planning to visit Kenya, it’s advisable at least to hire a car and before choosing which car to use on your trip in Kenya it is recommended to first look up some basic information online. Below is a summary of some basic information for hiring a car in Kenya.

Choosing the Country of Manufacture:

The commonly used vehicles in Kenya are made in Japan and so since you just want to visit the country am sure choosing a Toyota vehicle is a good idea since its widely used all over the country it will be easy to repair in case of any problem and even spare can be got anywhere.

Mileage of a Car:

Generally, it is not recommended to hire a vehicle car with over 150,000 kilometers on it. In general, if a car has been driven for that long, it is not in good overall condition. Of course, there are exceptions to this, but it is best to buy a car with mileage under 100,000.

Production Year of the Car:

Of course, the closer the production year is to the present, the better. In general, there should not be any issues with cars that are less than 10 years old. The best option would be a car that is 7 or 8 years old.

Choosing the Color of the Car:

Rental Cars in Kenya

This can be based on personal preference. If you like black, then choose black. If you like blue, then choose blue. However, it is not recommended to choose red as it attracts too much attention and may draw the attention of the police.

Also, the color of the vehicle you hire can depend on the reason why you hire a vehicle where those planning to go on a self-drive safari in Kenya always prefer green or gray vehicles, and those on business trips black and white vehicles are the most preferred.

Price of the Car:

The price of the car you hire always depends on the type of vehicle, the season of the year, and also for how long you hiring. Different car rental agencies in Kenya offer different prices and always the cheapest vehicle is offered at 35$ per day. If it is lower than this, the quality of the car cannot be guaranteed.

Negotiate the Price:

Most car rental agencies in the region, don’t have fixed prices for car rental so after knowing the vehicle type you want to hire for your trip in Kenya, then try to negotiate on the price and am sure depending on the number of days you want to use the car and the season, you can that they can give you a discount of something like 10%. Most car rental agencies like 4×4 Self Drive Kenya, Car Rental Kenya, 4×4 Kenya, and others offer great discounts to those planning to hire the car for many days like 15 days and above, and those traveling in the low season of the year.

After selecting a car based on the above criteria, it is important to inspect the car before you start driving.