Things to do in Kenya and why you should visit Kenya

Kenya is one of the best safari destinations in Africa and is found in the eastern part of the continent. The country is blessed with a variety of attractions, things to do beautiful beaches, and many others.

Kenya is characterized by White-sand beaches, thick rainforests, never-ending savannas, dreamy island worlds, snow-covered mountains, lush pastureland, fertile highlands, turquoise colored ocean, extinct volcanoes, majestic mountain ranges, abundant lakes, bubbling geysers, steaming primeval forests, and shimmering deserts; Kenya is a kaleidoscope of magnificent natural landscapes.

Kenya’s greatest wealth, however, lies in its unique animal kingdom. Its number and diversity are equal almost to none. A safari is the highlight of any trip to East Africa and shouldn’t be omitted from any itinerary. On a safari, one gets to experience the greatest animal show on earth; in such well-known reserves as Amboseli National Park and Maasai Mara.

All this, in addition to its cultural diversity and ever-welcoming inhabitants, has for decades made Kenya a much-loved travel destination for visitors from all around the world. Contributing to this are its plentiful hotels, safari lodges, and luxurious tented camps.

Lions in Kenya

Even the ”normal” tourist will be captivated by this diverse and exciting country. All the more astounding, therefore, is that motorcycle tourism in Kenya – whether simply the renting of motorcycles or the provision of organized tours – has until now not had such a prominent profile.

It is only once on the motorcycle that the fascination that Kenya holds becomes tangible. Whether it be the winding roads of Rift Valley or the steep passes around Mount Kenya; from a motorcycle tour through Kenya, one brings home memories that simply make you want more.

The possibility of combining a thrilling motorcycle tour with a restful holiday on a picture-perfect sandy beach is another of Kenya’s great attractions. There are many good holiday hotels stretching right along the entire Kenyan coast with its wide white-sand beaches. Almost the entire coastline from Malindi down the south coast is protected by an off-shore reef, whose clear, calm, and warm waters are populated by many corals, starfish, fish, and underwater flowers – a paradise for snorkelers and divers. The conditions are also well suited to all other forms of water sports such as windsurfing, sailing, and big-game-fishing.